Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Activity Days: Springville Art Museum

We have done so many fun Activity Days activities that I haven't shared with you yet.  I've really enjoyed working with the 8-11 year old girls from our church.  They are so energetic and fun.  Last month we took a trip to a local art museum.  It was really fun.  They had all kinds of different galleries mostly focusing on local artists.  I had no idea that my area produced such talent.

The museum had some really fun activities for youth groups.  On of them was a scavenger hunt.  They gave us a box of items and told us which gallery to go to.  The girls had to find the items in the paintings.  It was a great way to encourage them to look closely at the paintings and really appreciate them.

 We found a really fun painting that the girls tried to recreate posing like the subjects in the painting.  They were so cute agonizing about how to get it just right.  We called this one "Life Imitates Art".

Here they got to do their own interpretation of a picture.  The caption says "What is this horse thinking?".  They each wrote down what they thought it was thinking and pinned it to the wall.

 In the basement they had an area where the girls could draw their own pictures.  It focused on animals and the girls got to draw their own animal picture and hang it on the wall in the children's gallery.  It was fun to see how creative they were!

Goal Completed:  Developing Talents #5

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