Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Activity Days: Tour of Brigham Young University

We had a great time taking our Activity Days girls on a tour of a local university.  We are blessed to live in close proximity to Brigham Young University, my alma mater.  For me it was a trip down memory lane but for the girls, it was an eye opening experience.

During the 30 minute drive to BYU, we talked about its history and how it has grown and evolved into one of the top universities in the nation.  We also talked about the importance of education and why it's important to work hard in school while they're young to make life easier for them when they grow up.

As we walked around campus the girls started asking what kinds of things you could study in college.  So we decided to take a poll.  We asked as many students as we could what their major was.  We got a surprising mix of everything from Public Relations (my major) to Engineering and Medicine.  In all, I think there was close to 20 different majors mentioned.

We challenged each girl to work hard in school, even though they are only in the 4th and 5th grades so that they would have a lot of great opportunities in their futures.

We also talked to them about how having a good education will benefit them as they move on to fill roles as wives and mothers.  They learned that a good education will help better their lives whether they choose a career in the workplace or at home.

Goal completed:  Preparing for Young Women #4

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