Thursday, April 14, 2011

Easter Noodle Nests

Its spring break and all of my kiddos are home from school.  Its sometimes a challenge keeping them all busy since there is such an age range between the oldest and youngest.  But I know that making treats is something kids of all ages love.  With Easter coming I thought it would be fun to do an Easter themed treat.

These Noodle Nests are a lot of fun!  Its hands on and very sticky and gooey--everything every kid wants in a treat.  We colored the marshmallows pink and filled ours with jelly beans for eggs and my 8 year old daughter set chick shaped marshmallow peeps on the nest for a mommy bird.  It was a fun time.

Easter Noodle Nests
Makes 5-6 nests

4 cups chow mein noodles
3 cups marshmallows
3 Tbs. butter or margarine
jelly beans

Spray a cookie sheet with non-stick cooking spray and set aside.  Pour the chow mein noodles in a bowl and set aside.  Melt the butter in in saucepan over medium heat, stirring constantly until smooth.  Pour the marshmallow mixture over the noodles and stir until well coated.

With buttered hands, divide mixture into 5 balls.  Make an indentation in each ball with the back of a buttered spoon.  Allow to cool, fill with jelly beans and eat!

Source:  A Mommy's original recipe

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  1. Such a cute idea! I think I am going to make em'!



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