Monday, July 25, 2011

Kahlua Pork

Why is something so simple, so outrageously delicious?  This pork is so good that you don't need to add anything to it!  I have eaten this by the finger full  fork full.  I've put it on sandwiches, in burritos and in anything  else I can think of.  My favorite thing about it is that it is cooked in the slow cooker.  It doesn't heat up my house on a hot summer day, and I can fix it and forget it.  I usually cook mine overnight since it has a long cooking time.

Kahlua Pork
Serves 10-12 (or more!)

5-6 pound pork roast
1/2 bottle liquid smoke
1 Tbs. sea salt
3/4 cup water

Trim the roast of any visible fat and combine with the other ingredients in the slow cooker.  Cook on low for about 14 hours or until the roast is tender enough to be shredded.  Shred with 2 forks and serve.

Source:  Patrick S.

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