Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Activity Days Mommy Daughter Activity

I am just kicking myself right now!  We had such a fun activity last week and I forgot to take my camera along.  ARGH!  Even if I don't have any pictures to share, I'll fill you in on the fun.

We decided to hold a Mommy Daughter Dinner at a nearby picnic area and focus on modesty.  As these amazing girls transition from kids into young women, we wanted to remind them of the importance of being healthy and modest.  We served a healthy (and delicious) dinner that emphasized the 4 food groups.  After dinner we had a really great activity-modesty paper dolls.  I found some great paper doll patterns at Wendy's Activities.  We used scraps of fabric that had been donated by ward members.  The girls created their own modest fashions.  It was really fun to see how creative they were.

Picture courtesy of Wendy's Activities.
You will want to set a time limit on this activity.  Some of our girls came up with some really involved outfits.  The girls that didn't finish their 3 outfits were able to take some fabric scraps and finish at home.

We invited a member of our bishopric to speak about modesty.  He talked about how people wear uniforms to work everyday.  (Some of the girls dads are policemen, fire fighters and construction workers)  He pointed out that the uniforms and safety equipment are worn to keep their dads safe.  As young women in the gospel, their modest clothing is to help keep them safe as well.  He also spoke about how the way the girls dressed affected the young men around them.

Next, we invited the Primary president to speak.  She did a great job and was really creative in her presentation.  She brought along one of the young women (who was also her sister in law) to do a demonstration.  While she was talking about the importance of being modest, wearing well fitting clothes and sitting properly in dresses, the young woman was sitting in a skirt with her knees apart (she was wearing biker shorts under her skirt), she bent over to pick something up off the ground and her shirt came up and showed her back and the shirt she was wearing was too big and kept sliding off her shoulder.

We could hear the activity days girls whispering and in some cases gasping at the young woman.  They were shocked.  The Primary president then talked about how modesty wasn't just the clothes we wear, but also our behavior.  One of the girls even asked the Primary president if that was how they looked in primary.  They really got the message!  She ended her presentation by sharing her testimony of her love for the girls and the importance of being modest when most of the world doesn't think its important.

It ended up being a fun and spiritual activity.  We got a lot of great feedback from the moms and we felt it went over really well.

Goals completed:  Developing Talents #9 and Serving Others #7 (If you involve the girls in the planning)

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