Thursday, July 12, 2012

It's a Rat with Wings!

We had a little creepy visitor to our house yesterday.  Emphasis on the creepy!  I was shocked to see him hanging on the outside of my chimney just a foot off the ground at 9 a.m. 

I'm usually not particularly squeamish, but I have to say, this one turned my stomach.  My first thought was "Hey!  It's a rat with wings."  My second thought was "Holy crap!! That's a bat!"

Now I can handle a lot.  I'm no stranger to cleaning up dead cats who met their demise when they tried to take on a car.  I've also bludgeoned baby skunks to death to keep them out of my garage and away from my kiddos. (I know, I know!  Don't call PETA, I really don't make a habit out of it.)  I've helped castrate bull calves, helped pull baby lambs, given shots to a plethora of different kinds of animals and nursed horses back to health after sustaining some of the most disgusting cuts and injuries know to man.

But the bat hanging on my chimney GROSSED ME OUT!  I mean, look at him.  Creepy leathery wings, and rat like little body.  It's just wrong.

Who knows what diseases he's carrying?  Rabies.  Plague.  (Repressed shudder.)  No really, I'm not that paranoid, but still...gross.

What's the strangest animal life you've found hanging around your yard?


  1. Send him to me! I don't mind the little guy at all and we have LOTS of little buggers he can eat!

  2. Bludgeoned baby skunks to death? Really? Couldn't think of a better way to address that problem?

  3. Anon--Have YOU ever had 11 baby skunks + mom running around your yard trying to nest in your garage and get in your house? Not to mention chasing your children across the front yard? Have YOU ever tried to trap a skunk and been sprayed while trying to relocate it humanely? Let me tell you, a tomato juice bath does NOTHING to get rid of skunk spray. There aren't a lot of options when dealing with that kind of problem. I could have shot them, but then I take a risk of causing more injury to the other animals that we actually want on our property.



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